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An Empowering Woman Leading a Successful Company

The female empowerment concept has spread in recent years in many areas, from companies to Hollywood movies. However, the feminist movement has been present throughout history, represented by women who stood up for themselves and fought for their rights. Today, many examples of outstanding, successful women can be found doing what they love, and most importantly, inspiring other women to follow their lead. Furthermore, women have a unique way of collaborating and coming together as a powerful group to inspire and empower one another. Such is the case of Marlies White, President of SomaLife Consulting Ltd, and book author, whose goal is to lead her company with the vision of positively changing as many lives as possible. 

Overcoming Life's Challenges

Marlies White was inspired to start her business, SomaLife, in response to losing a close relative in 1998. Having had an active life up to this point as a dragon boater, pilot, car racer, scuba diver, RCMP Auxiliary, and other various pursuits, she was reluctant to give up all the excitement of living actively due to 'getting old.' Consequently, at the age of 50, with the help of her husband, the pair created their world-famous company they named "SomaLife." In 2015 Marlies White had to overcome the death of her husband; yet, this devastating event did not prevent her from running her company with passion. Ultimately, knowing how important her company was, she hopes to fulfill her husband's legacy and hers in the coming years.

Being in Charge of her Business 

Marlies White, President of SomaLife Consulting Ltd, has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership, and the vision to grow her company. When her husband passed, she was convinced she had to keep working on the company. Consequently, she has shown how an empowered woman can successfully take over the reins and expand a business despite a tremendous personal loss. Her passion is to lead her company to grow with the vision of changing more lives with health and wellness products. 

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

Marlies White has moved through extraordinary challenges in her life; yet, she is a clear example of how women can courageously lead successful and joyful lives. In her seventies, Marlies White decided to get out of her comfort zone by showing the world what she had achieved with determination, perseverance, and dedication. Furthermore, she shared the story of one woman's mission to continue her husband's legacy and help people around the world slow the aging process with her book entitled "Because He Could: The Story behind the Youth Formula." One thing is for sure, if women have a dream or desire and yearn to break free of their comfort zone, this book is where they will be inspired and learn how to move past obstacles. Ultimately, it can be said that Marlies White is a clear example of how despite her many losses, she found the way to thrive and become an example of an empowered woman in this century.



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